Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The lights I saw before my last entry may have been a form of noctilucence.
Such things may be caused by reflections off ice crystals or bioluminecent lifeforms.
There are so many similar but different things around which may be confused together..

It doesn't change the fact that each time I saw these things a solar flare had occured
just day or two before which made me think these things were caused by the sun.

Many lights that appear in the sky cannot be properly identified ,
which could potentially be either unknown spacecraft or timecraft..

There's lots of uncertainty around these days ,finding undeniable truth is often difficult.

But there's one truth which always remains and that is ; I am existing here now.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


These past few days the sun has bursted out some larger flares than I've ever seen before.
I looked outside and saw these bright plasma fields in the sky. They didn't move like clouds.

The night sky also showed me some falling stars and other lights I could not easily identify.
For example a strange glow in one of the clouds which seemed to only stay with that cloud.

According to this article I found ,we can expect to see more solar flares in the near future.