Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Galactic Federation of Light

In high orbit over the Earth ,there are many craft and many beings observing how the
matters are playing out on the planet. They are interacting only subtly at this time ,
playing a supportive role and guiding us toward a more positive world in which
peace and harmony are more prevalent as the older social systems are no longer
fit for us if we are to make a sustainable living on this planet. We prefer to cherish
and nourish the Earth. We wish to cooperate peacefully and insure that everyone
is provided for and cared for. As a result of the excessive limitation many do not
see that we can turn things around when in fact we can and are doing so right now.

Know now that there are millions of members in the Galactic Federation of Light
and abundant technologies beyond what you have before dreamed of in this life.

The crafts come in many many different varieties depending on their purpose and
where they originate from but all of the ones being used around the solar system
are here for helpful purposes ,for getting the atmosphere cleaned up of radiation
among other things ,just to give an idea of what they actually do and are doing.

There will soon be a shift and the old systems on the planet will be replaced by
new systems which will be much more efficient and sustaining for all. During this
time there may be some challenges though ,which could be some of the greatest
you've faced in your life. They don't have to be difficult unless you make them so.

Many of the beings in the GFL look very much like you as humans on this planet.
But there are also beings which are not "humanoid" as you say and some may look
very foreign in nature. There are many different personalities just as there are many
different personalities on planet Earth. But know that the members of the GFL are
ascended beings and generally positive as such. The GFL is here to help the Earth
and its people to ascend to a higher density ,the 4th density. The level of negativity
which has persisted on this planet for so long will soon be greatly lessened as the
Earth ascends. After the year of 2012 ,the disclosure will take place ,allowing
eventually for landings to take place by invitation. Align with the positive and help
spreading the joy and celebration of the end of the cycle of excessive limits.

Solar activity spectacular

A few days ago I noticed the moon and also the northern lights ,which now
looked much more erratic from what they usually had looked like to me before.

They were intricately fluttering in colors ranging from green to purple ,just like
shown in the photo above ,which has now gone wiral. The display was very
magnificent and I expect there will be more of this later this year as the sun
reaches its maximum ,in conjunction with the various astronomical alignments.

There have also been other lights in the sky as of late and some solar anomalies
have been noticed. One of these anomalies is the dark triangle on the sun.
What’s up with that? Its definitely there as it moved with the sun and was also
filmed with many different filters which showed it in many different spectrums.

I find these things to be very intriguing. Not only did this triangle appear but also
unidentified objects the size of the earth which moved close enough to the sun
to cause it to react ,sending out bursts and flares as seen in this video clip ;

I kept reading on and eventually got quite caught up in reading about
ufo’s and outer space activities. Its certainly warmer now and I suspect
its one of the after effects from these solar flares ,as its like suddenly
the temperatures and activities going on here you'd expect to see during
days of heat in the my latest post for what my readings
about ufos and other anomalies eventually led me to.