Saturday, March 19, 2011


I believe in free will and also in fate or destiny.

Destiny being certain guidelines that define a certain purpose of someone.
Most view it as being just one thing set in stone ,unchanging by what we do.
But there are many different guidelines like that and many different ways
in which they can play out. Knowing ones destiny most often isn't simple.
People often get stuck in the idea there's just one ,but not many and one at the same time.

Choice can be spontaneous or planned out based on various things percieved.
One seemingly insignificant choice can alter the future. There are infinite choises.
Freedom cannot be taken ,it can only be given. If you feel you are not free ,
then it is because you've given into a belief that you are not.

Thank you for reading~

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Many seem to look at reality as tangible and solid structures that you can't really change.
I disagree with this because realities do change and they aren't always very solid if ever.

So what is a reality? I believe its a sort of a limitation on existence.

People say "Get Real" and "Time to get back to reality" ,thus limiting their options.
Dreams are all real ,they just aren't real in the same way. They are other realities.

We are able to see things as solid because of the limitations that are in place.
A solid wall doesn't just jump away as it is limited by certain laws and rules of reality.

Everyone has their own reality. Most are similar enough to allow for many interactions.
Some of them are limited so as to not have much interaction although there's always some.

So ,what's your reality like?

Thank you for reading~

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Future

I've always liked the idea of the future because anything can happen.
The technologies keep advancing and some of my dreams then come true.

The near future might be difficult because of the mismanagement that has been going on ,
but further out me thinks will look something like a magical fantasy.

I had this dream of golden structures floating over the much more cleanly nature.
Endless waterfalls were pouring from the structures and the skies were clear around them.
Floating silvery bubbles hovered around slowly ,entering one would let me exit another.
The trees were shimmering with silvery and golden looking leaves and gem fruits.
People be lots more open minded ,experienced ,caring and respecting.
Joyfully doing whatever they liked without causing any damage to anything.
Objects could be copied from whatever time or place ,other worlds visited for friendships ,
or for various experiences and everything be created lots more easily even without that.

Thank you for reading~

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Paranormal

First thing that appears in your mind when you think paranormal?
For me its the unknown. Unidentified creatures and unidentified flying objects.
But what is Paranormal exactly? Its an umbrella term over the unexplainable.
Unordinary things ,which are very difficult to prove. Anomalies.

Mythical monsters ,Aliens ,Spirits ,Undead creatures ,Thought powers ,
Crop circles ,Magic ,Reality glitches ,Reincarnations and so on.

I have seen some things that are undeniably paranormal in nature.
One time I was looking out my window and saw a man appear out of thin air.
He slowly appeared on a rooftop like a sort of a dark purple greenish hazy spot.
Seemingly looking for a way down for a good while.
Eventually he swung himself into one of the balconies of the building.

Another experience I had was when I found a very interesting book.
It contained biology on creatures not of this world.
After putting it back into a shelf I never found it again.

Some people have moved objects by thinking about them ,
or disappeared from one place to appear again at the same time very far away.
Hidden top secret projects and explorations into realms of other worlds.
Seeing into possible futures or possible past events that didn't happen for us.

These things have always fascinated me and they will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading ,more later..


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Entry

A blog I frequently visit became inaccessible to me so I decided to make my own.
There have been times when the lack of friendly activity has gotten me thinking ,
that it be best if I would make my own activity instead of continually seeking it out.
So that's what this blog is for. There's an awakening going on. To see positive change ,
one must be the change one wishes to see. Take back the control and make it happen.

To start things off ,I'll introduce one of my inspirations. There are seven channels.
One for each day of the week ,one for each of the chakras and for the elements.
There are actually 5 elements since one is missing from the mainstream knowledge.
First one is fire which has the shape of the tetrahedron ,one of the fundamental forms.
Second one is earth ,which is the solid cube. Air is the octahedron.
Water is in the icosahedron and the last element is Æther in the form of dodecahedron.
Æther is split into three elemental categories ,Electric ,Gravi-Magnetic and Psychic.

Technology has come a long way since crafting of tools first began.
Its now accessible to use synthetic voices ,the paralyzed can walk again ,
the blind can gain sight and messages can be sent across the world to the other side ,
in the blink of an eye. Tiny computers make calculations which translate into things
like images ,text and sound and can display most anything imaginable.

Vocaloid is one such program ,which can make artificial voices sing most anything.
Its main mascot is Miku Hatsune and the voice gained a virtual body ,
forming a character of much potential. Other voices also began getting bodies.
Comics were drawn ,videos were made and games created.
This became a great inspiration to musicians ,so that competitions were held.
Gatherings and top listings emerged in light of further popularity.

Songs with Miku singing have become some of my most favorite songs to listen to.
I've even made some of my own ,but never released any as of yet.
Eventually when the english version is made available to me ,it may happen.
Various versions of her voice are out ,including light and dark variations.

Thank you for reading!