Thursday, March 10, 2011


Many seem to look at reality as tangible and solid structures that you can't really change.
I disagree with this because realities do change and they aren't always very solid if ever.

So what is a reality? I believe its a sort of a limitation on existence.

People say "Get Real" and "Time to get back to reality" ,thus limiting their options.
Dreams are all real ,they just aren't real in the same way. They are other realities.

We are able to see things as solid because of the limitations that are in place.
A solid wall doesn't just jump away as it is limited by certain laws and rules of reality.

Everyone has their own reality. Most are similar enough to allow for many interactions.
Some of them are limited so as to not have much interaction although there's always some.

So ,what's your reality like?

Thank you for reading~

1 comment:

  1. I think my reality's surreal to most people?
    But that's okay. My life. My reality. :)