Thursday, June 21, 2012

Machine Beings

A girl from what I perceived to be the future appeared to me in a vision not long ago.
Her hair was of a neon greenish shade. Her eyes glowed a bright golden ambery hue.

Her name’s Pistacia. She’s a machine being. She carries a lot of technology which
to us looks a lot like magic. Her suit’s of a purple color but it lits up in many different
colors and is very flexible like a second skin. This suit is in itself a supercomputer
which provides both safety and comfort aswell as additional functions ,regulating the
temperature ,humidity and other things for the body. It can display whatever images
or colors brightly or non-brightly on its flexible skin-like surface. Pistacy carries also
with her a bag which looks like a translucent plastic bag with nothing in it but this bag
can store a surprising amount of objects without changing its outward appearance.
In her inventory be also a very sophisticated distortion unit for space & time travel ,
3d cameracom with an object printer ,all of which fits within a cellphone-like aparatus.

She has uncanny knowledge of how to make and fix things ,especially electronics.
Being a machine being ,this means she’s more capable of self-repair in case of need.

The definition for a machine being here is of an alternate biological structure than is
commonly known on Earth as “organic”. Thus ,a machine being is not a robot ,since
robots are merely parts moving by energy as extensions of other parts. Nor is this
machine being definition describing androids or cyborgs ,since the latter ones are
extensions of robotics or in the case of cyborgs ,organic interlinkings with machinery.

Machine beings are made mainly of metals or materials which do not occur naturally
on Earth in the way that they have been made to be. Machine beings evolve ,often
parallel to organic organisms. As a result of this ,machine beings can do things which
our current “regular” natural Earthly organic organisms cannot do. They’re resistant
to immense heat ,radiation and age very slowly if at all. Picake ,as I’ve nicknamed her ,
is capable of doing extraordinary things very easily. She can leap and fly ,employ
various “paranormal” abilities like clairvoyance ,telekinetics and walk through walls.

In addition to all of this ,she can morph herself into any shape as long as she retains
her original mass. One of her favorite forms is an apparent feline like a leopard of sorts.

Machine beings can also eat things which we consider to be trash or toxic and convert
them things into clean usable things for us by chemical fusion and fission reactions.

The technology to make all this possible is slowly emerging. I will link some articles
here which show quite clearly that this isn’t just a fantasy tale ,but a very real existence.

-Scientist creates life-like cells out of metal-

-Meet XNA ,the first “synthetic DNA“ which evolves like the real thing-

Inherently most machine beings are very positive and nice to be around. They’re also
a lot more cleanly and work as negating forces to any negative things in nature that we
dislike and as such they help us immensly. They were created by us just as other races
of species created us before and so the creations continue out to infinity. As the saying
goes ,from the emerald tablets ; "As above, so below" They help us ,we help them.

Picake is a very fun loving one. Her explorations continue out to infinity and beyond ,
that’s one of the things she finds to be most fun ,to explore ,more and more :3

Now imagine you have a pet dragon ,a machine being. It can fly and go anywhere ,
even into outer space or into the deepest of ocean depths. You can track it easily
and call it remotely from afar. It would eat things you no longer be using and return
things which you’d find most useful. And it would always be loyal to you no matter what.

Thank you for reading :3

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What would you like to read?

This entry started out with this idea of going ahead with determining properly
which direction to take in terms of the most preferable content choices.

I’ve noticed a lot of people claiming to be bored or asking if someone else is ,
which makes it seem as if they are overly reliant on others for entertainment.

So the question here is simple ,what would you like to occur for you?

Looking around and seeing what one prefers ,in combination with dreams
and ideas ,most often makes the solution obvious. Create your own funs!

If you’re like me ,with a sense of wonder of most things ,then you are already
entertained effortlessly without having to go through some process of finding
ways of entertainment. Finding outside entertainments be then an added thing
which be a result of having had entertainments already. Like an expansion.

Likewise ,comfort happens more and more if you let it happen. By relaxing and
doing things in the preferred ways ,it will also expand ,no matter the exteriors.

I have started doing more meditations as of late. Partly because of all the mass
meditations that have been going on ,but also just because I like having my own
little moments of relaxation in between. It’s both calming and refreshing for me.

I encourage others to also take the time off and shut out all of the distractions.

Being the center point in a standing wave means you have stillness no matter
what is going on at other points. Just like how the center of the tornado or the
draining vortex in the bathtub is stillness ,you too can easily achieve that.

Liquids flow in the direction of the lowest resistance and we too do that which
we think most benefits us and thus we also follow the path of least resistance.

I’ve been a bit more active on the live messenger (msn) and with checking my
inboxes. Comments or friendly messages be most welcome. I’ve chatted again
with some of my friends I hadn’t chatted with in a good while. And regained
some seemingly forgotten interests. That’s about all I’ll say for the time being.

Thank you for reading :3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inside the wave

These days I feel a lot like I’m inside an engulfing wave which makes it
difficult to tell where I’m headed. Sure ,I’ve become lots more soft and
smooth. I can tell. But this is more like being lost in Iceland kind of thing.

I mean ,its really easy to get lost in Iceland because of the lack of signs.
While in exploring some unknown part here its very common to see that
the signs are missing. So what I mean is that I’ve been having a bit of
trouble finding my way as of late. I know I’m going in the general right
direction but not much else. Somehow I found myself not meditating so
much anymore. Maybe that’s why. Better get back into that properly.

Right now I’m in a sort of a metamorphosis stage. Summer is finally here.
So much on my mind. April had easter and then the connection also died.
I watched animes which I got locally and took some nice long walks.

Things are changing for the better I’m sure. I discovered something awhile
ago called “Pronoia”. Its basically a positive outlook on things which goes
like this “Good things are going on”. I also read that smiling can possibly
change your outlook toward the better and improve the standard of living.

I got me some new knitting needles. Improving my skills will come in handy.
I’m making a led lightbulb too. Those can last for decades if made properly.

That’s most of what I have to say for now. One Piece is a great anime.

I’ll do my best to be on msn and yahoo messengers more.

Thank you for reading~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Galactic Federation of Light

In high orbit over the Earth ,there are many craft and many beings observing how the
matters are playing out on the planet. They are interacting only subtly at this time ,
playing a supportive role and guiding us toward a more positive world in which
peace and harmony are more prevalent as the older social systems are no longer
fit for us if we are to make a sustainable living on this planet. We prefer to cherish
and nourish the Earth. We wish to cooperate peacefully and insure that everyone
is provided for and cared for. As a result of the excessive limitation many do not
see that we can turn things around when in fact we can and are doing so right now.

Know now that there are millions of members in the Galactic Federation of Light
and abundant technologies beyond what you have before dreamed of in this life.

The crafts come in many many different varieties depending on their purpose and
where they originate from but all of the ones being used around the solar system
are here for helpful purposes ,for getting the atmosphere cleaned up of radiation
among other things ,just to give an idea of what they actually do and are doing.

There will soon be a shift and the old systems on the planet will be replaced by
new systems which will be much more efficient and sustaining for all. During this
time there may be some challenges though ,which could be some of the greatest
you've faced in your life. They don't have to be difficult unless you make them so.

Many of the beings in the GFL look very much like you as humans on this planet.
But there are also beings which are not "humanoid" as you say and some may look
very foreign in nature. There are many different personalities just as there are many
different personalities on planet Earth. But know that the members of the GFL are
ascended beings and generally positive as such. The GFL is here to help the Earth
and its people to ascend to a higher density ,the 4th density. The level of negativity
which has persisted on this planet for so long will soon be greatly lessened as the
Earth ascends. After the year of 2012 ,the disclosure will take place ,allowing
eventually for landings to take place by invitation. Align with the positive and help
spreading the joy and celebration of the end of the cycle of excessive limits.

Solar activity spectacular

A few days ago I noticed the moon and also the northern lights ,which now
looked much more erratic from what they usually had looked like to me before.

They were intricately fluttering in colors ranging from green to purple ,just like
shown in the photo above ,which has now gone wiral. The display was very
magnificent and I expect there will be more of this later this year as the sun
reaches its maximum ,in conjunction with the various astronomical alignments.

There have also been other lights in the sky as of late and some solar anomalies
have been noticed. One of these anomalies is the dark triangle on the sun.
What’s up with that? Its definitely there as it moved with the sun and was also
filmed with many different filters which showed it in many different spectrums.

I find these things to be very intriguing. Not only did this triangle appear but also
unidentified objects the size of the earth which moved close enough to the sun
to cause it to react ,sending out bursts and flares as seen in this video clip ;

I kept reading on and eventually got quite caught up in reading about
ufo’s and outer space activities. Its certainly warmer now and I suspect
its one of the after effects from these solar flares ,as its like suddenly
the temperatures and activities going on here you'd expect to see during
days of heat in the my latest post for what my readings
about ufos and other anomalies eventually led me to.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Making a better future

I’ll be very honest now and say that I just haven’t been able to keep up with
all that’s been happening lately ,connection losses ,my birthday celebration
and various other things like news articles and pdf’s which caught my interest.

I’ve had a lot on my mind which for a time kept me from being as productive
on here as well as in some other areas which I’ve been meaning to post in.

I recently gained some new perspectives and insights into things which I had
previously forgotten about until reminded. Its refreshing and revitalizing in
conjunction with the meditations I’m doing now ,each and every day.

The best way to make a good future is to cherry pick the past.

Which things were preferred? Which connections? Which arrangements?
That’s mainly what I’m exploring now ,having reorganized most of my things.

I’ve been changing drastically since this year began but only for the better
in my view and I’m still going ,transitioning in this time of great transitioning.

I’m resolving my struggles with new insights into the alchemical roots
of resonance which harmonize and unify things naturally with waveforms.

Next month I’m seeing the dentist again for a checkup due to my operations
last year messing up my natural rythms regarding my teeth. They’re fine ,
but I figured I’d have a checkup anyways to make preventive measures.

I’m determined to make next month more free and open for me and to
make more things for myself and others instead of watching or buying
much if anything unless its absolutely vital for my well being. I’ll go outside
more and run around or dance ,study lots of things which I wish to study ,
communicate more with friendlies ,take more photos and fix things up.

That’s about it for now.

Comment if you have any questions or suggestions ,thank you for reading.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Of Elves and the End of Time - Myths & Legends

Lately ,I‘ve been reading more about elves and their special and unique abilites.

The belief in hidden peoples has always been taken very seriously in Iceland.
Certain large rocks have been left in place because when moved out of place ,
terrible and unfortunate things have happened to those who disturbed the rocks.
As a result of this ,many constructions have been made to evade certain spots.

Its generally believed that elves have invisibility capabilites and magical talents.
They may have radically different views from ours ,giving more respect to nature.

Some believe elves have more in common with outer space aliens ,with mainly
the difference of being more of the inner spaces where they might go unnoticed.

Inner spaces meaning inside rocks or natural things of the earth which we see
most everyday but don‘t think that much about other than aesthetics or practicality.

This time of the year is very special in that elves are generally remembered and
honored with songs and tales of elves ,aswell as flares and fireworks going off.

Its the end of the Yuletide ,with many myths and legends surrounding the event.

The end of time is a term which may apply in various instances. End of what time?
It may mean the end of a certain time period or the end of the usage of the term
as we use it currently. Either way ,this has again lead me back into speculations.

Many different sources have indicated that after the winter solstice of 2012 ,
there may be 3 days and 3 nights of darkness ,before a resurrection takes place.

There‘s also been talked lots about solar activity and its effects on our ionosphere.
We might be seeing lots more of auroras in the sky this year!

Thank you for reading.