Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inside the wave

These days I feel a lot like I’m inside an engulfing wave which makes it
difficult to tell where I’m headed. Sure ,I’ve become lots more soft and
smooth. I can tell. But this is more like being lost in Iceland kind of thing.

I mean ,its really easy to get lost in Iceland because of the lack of signs.
While in exploring some unknown part here its very common to see that
the signs are missing. So what I mean is that I’ve been having a bit of
trouble finding my way as of late. I know I’m going in the general right
direction but not much else. Somehow I found myself not meditating so
much anymore. Maybe that’s why. Better get back into that properly.

Right now I’m in a sort of a metamorphosis stage. Summer is finally here.
So much on my mind. April had easter and then the connection also died.
I watched animes which I got locally and took some nice long walks.

Things are changing for the better I’m sure. I discovered something awhile
ago called “Pronoia”. Its basically a positive outlook on things which goes
like this “Good things are going on”. I also read that smiling can possibly
change your outlook toward the better and improve the standard of living.

I got me some new knitting needles. Improving my skills will come in handy.
I’m making a led lightbulb too. Those can last for decades if made properly.

That’s most of what I have to say for now. One Piece is a great anime.

I’ll do my best to be on msn and yahoo messengers more.

Thank you for reading~

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