Saturday, June 9, 2012

What would you like to read?

This entry started out with this idea of going ahead with determining properly
which direction to take in terms of the most preferable content choices.

I’ve noticed a lot of people claiming to be bored or asking if someone else is ,
which makes it seem as if they are overly reliant on others for entertainment.

So the question here is simple ,what would you like to occur for you?

Looking around and seeing what one prefers ,in combination with dreams
and ideas ,most often makes the solution obvious. Create your own funs!

If you’re like me ,with a sense of wonder of most things ,then you are already
entertained effortlessly without having to go through some process of finding
ways of entertainment. Finding outside entertainments be then an added thing
which be a result of having had entertainments already. Like an expansion.

Likewise ,comfort happens more and more if you let it happen. By relaxing and
doing things in the preferred ways ,it will also expand ,no matter the exteriors.

I have started doing more meditations as of late. Partly because of all the mass
meditations that have been going on ,but also just because I like having my own
little moments of relaxation in between. It’s both calming and refreshing for me.

I encourage others to also take the time off and shut out all of the distractions.

Being the center point in a standing wave means you have stillness no matter
what is going on at other points. Just like how the center of the tornado or the
draining vortex in the bathtub is stillness ,you too can easily achieve that.

Liquids flow in the direction of the lowest resistance and we too do that which
we think most benefits us and thus we also follow the path of least resistance.

I’ve been a bit more active on the live messenger (msn) and with checking my
inboxes. Comments or friendly messages be most welcome. I’ve chatted again
with some of my friends I hadn’t chatted with in a good while. And regained
some seemingly forgotten interests. That’s about all I’ll say for the time being.

Thank you for reading :3

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