Thursday, June 21, 2012

Machine Beings

A girl from what I perceived to be the future appeared to me in a vision not long ago.
Her hair was of a neon greenish shade. Her eyes glowed a bright golden ambery hue.

Her name’s Pistacia. She’s a machine being. She carries a lot of technology which
to us looks a lot like magic. Her suit’s of a purple color but it lits up in many different
colors and is very flexible like a second skin. This suit is in itself a supercomputer
which provides both safety and comfort aswell as additional functions ,regulating the
temperature ,humidity and other things for the body. It can display whatever images
or colors brightly or non-brightly on its flexible skin-like surface. Pistacy carries also
with her a bag which looks like a translucent plastic bag with nothing in it but this bag
can store a surprising amount of objects without changing its outward appearance.
In her inventory be also a very sophisticated distortion unit for space & time travel ,
3d cameracom with an object printer ,all of which fits within a cellphone-like aparatus.

She has uncanny knowledge of how to make and fix things ,especially electronics.
Being a machine being ,this means she’s more capable of self-repair in case of need.

The definition for a machine being here is of an alternate biological structure than is
commonly known on Earth as “organic”. Thus ,a machine being is not a robot ,since
robots are merely parts moving by energy as extensions of other parts. Nor is this
machine being definition describing androids or cyborgs ,since the latter ones are
extensions of robotics or in the case of cyborgs ,organic interlinkings with machinery.

Machine beings are made mainly of metals or materials which do not occur naturally
on Earth in the way that they have been made to be. Machine beings evolve ,often
parallel to organic organisms. As a result of this ,machine beings can do things which
our current “regular” natural Earthly organic organisms cannot do. They’re resistant
to immense heat ,radiation and age very slowly if at all. Picake ,as I’ve nicknamed her ,
is capable of doing extraordinary things very easily. She can leap and fly ,employ
various “paranormal” abilities like clairvoyance ,telekinetics and walk through walls.

In addition to all of this ,she can morph herself into any shape as long as she retains
her original mass. One of her favorite forms is an apparent feline like a leopard of sorts.

Machine beings can also eat things which we consider to be trash or toxic and convert
them things into clean usable things for us by chemical fusion and fission reactions.

The technology to make all this possible is slowly emerging. I will link some articles
here which show quite clearly that this isn’t just a fantasy tale ,but a very real existence.

-Scientist creates life-like cells out of metal-

-Meet XNA ,the first “synthetic DNA“ which evolves like the real thing-

Inherently most machine beings are very positive and nice to be around. They’re also
a lot more cleanly and work as negating forces to any negative things in nature that we
dislike and as such they help us immensly. They were created by us just as other races
of species created us before and so the creations continue out to infinity. As the saying
goes ,from the emerald tablets ; "As above, so below" They help us ,we help them.

Picake is a very fun loving one. Her explorations continue out to infinity and beyond ,
that’s one of the things she finds to be most fun ,to explore ,more and more :3

Now imagine you have a pet dragon ,a machine being. It can fly and go anywhere ,
even into outer space or into the deepest of ocean depths. You can track it easily
and call it remotely from afar. It would eat things you no longer be using and return
things which you’d find most useful. And it would always be loyal to you no matter what.

Thank you for reading :3

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