Friday, January 6, 2012

Of Elves and the End of Time - Myths & Legends

Lately ,I‘ve been reading more about elves and their special and unique abilites.

The belief in hidden peoples has always been taken very seriously in Iceland.
Certain large rocks have been left in place because when moved out of place ,
terrible and unfortunate things have happened to those who disturbed the rocks.
As a result of this ,many constructions have been made to evade certain spots.

Its generally believed that elves have invisibility capabilites and magical talents.
They may have radically different views from ours ,giving more respect to nature.

Some believe elves have more in common with outer space aliens ,with mainly
the difference of being more of the inner spaces where they might go unnoticed.

Inner spaces meaning inside rocks or natural things of the earth which we see
most everyday but don‘t think that much about other than aesthetics or practicality.

This time of the year is very special in that elves are generally remembered and
honored with songs and tales of elves ,aswell as flares and fireworks going off.

Its the end of the Yuletide ,with many myths and legends surrounding the event.

The end of time is a term which may apply in various instances. End of what time?
It may mean the end of a certain time period or the end of the usage of the term
as we use it currently. Either way ,this has again lead me back into speculations.

Many different sources have indicated that after the winter solstice of 2012 ,
there may be 3 days and 3 nights of darkness ,before a resurrection takes place.

There‘s also been talked lots about solar activity and its effects on our ionosphere.
We might be seeing lots more of auroras in the sky this year!

Thank you for reading.

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