Thursday, December 29, 2011

Precursor to 2012

I‘ve had a sort of an awakening within me. I know what I like and what to do ,
with the clear goal of making the year of 2012 the best year it can be for me.

I wish to become the best I can be. I‘ve just started my progressive book of 2012.
This is just the ramp up to get me started so I can more fluently get into
my program of improving my fitness ,studying and general appeal more.

Loosely following the "Last Year Of Your Life" idea ,I will synchronize
and prepare the best I can so that I may get the most out of the year of 2012.

I‘m starting to get into yoga somewhat and some simple fitness excercises.
Keeping diaries and this blog updated should help me to better organize myself.

I‘ve had long ,cold ,walks in the snow. I‘ve sorted through my presents
and put things in the right places ,reorganizing a bit in the process.

I will choose the best ways and solve things as I go ,to achieve the best results.
When things get tough I‘ll ask for assistance and I‘m sure I‘ll have lots of help.

Its still snowing around here and the clouds are looking marvellous.

I meant to post this a lot earlier ,but my internet connection keeps getting cut off.
So far its been very difficult to see a good way to move out into my own place ,
in which I‘d have my own internet connection and better means to do what I‘d like.

One of my main goals for 2012 is to change all of that. I‘m moving out next year ,
even if I have to build my own place from the ground up. I‘ve had that idea in mind
for long but imagined it to be further out when I‘d have gathered more resources.

I had another dream about a ufo which I drew three times in the dream.
Then there was also one in which I met a girl who liked me. She was kinda teasy.

Around the new year‘s crossing ,fireworks are sold here quite freely by those who
go on expeditions to save people that have gotten stranded or lost in the wild.

The city is lit up by them fireworks year after year around this time. I like thems.
I use fireworks less and less ,not only because they‘re expensive and last short ,
but also because most accidents surrounding thems are rather severe.

Still ,them fireworks do lots for this time of the year as the excitement mounts.
They look colorful and pretty. I might get me some flares...those last a lil longer :3

There are also these fireworks which have flares in thems which float around
in a parachute. I like collecting them parachutes when I can as those are very nifty.

Recently I found an old hard drive of mine ,with files on it reaching all the way back
to 2003 when I first got a proper internet connection. Some nifty things I found
on it made me realize how different things were back then.

Lately I‘ve learned lots of new things and gained lots of new preferences.
Things are far better than they used to be and I‘m sure that as I learn more
and gain better insights into what I genuinely like ,things will be better stiil.

With more femininity ,more technology ,greater understanding of how things work
and how things are made and more refined art skills than ever before ,
I‘ll come to be able to tackle all sorts of things I like that until now have mostly
been out of my reach or limited by conditions and boundaries which are now fading.

I‘m feeling the change already...this is going to be my best year so far ,by far.

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