Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ghost Lines

I‘ve been away while the internet connections went down ,studying and reorganizing.
Becoming more mobile is key. If you hunker down during the transformational shift ,
it will be much harder to adapt to the coming changes that will strike the world.

As a result of my downtime and things I've rubbed the wrong way without knowing ,
connections and contacts have been reduced for me significantly as of late.
There's also the businesses and sicknesses of some contacts..

It may very well be that most of these contacts I used to be so active with all the time
weren‘t actually of my preferred frequency and that‘s why I have these ghost lines.
I often remember what certain individuals were like and then write to myself as they did
and  that‘s what I call ghosting. They are ghost contacts that are with me in a way.

This is not the most bizzare thing I‘ve been up to. Sometimes I just sit and think.
For hours on end. I‘ve also been doing my best to read into my dreams ,scrying thems.

I had a dream in which I was playing a racing game. First time around I made 3rd place.
Then I made the second place. Finally ,when the reward was the greatest ,I won it.
The racing game was like that of the computer game Wipeout. Hovering superspeeders.

The reorganizing is going well. I‘ve also printed out some mandalas for better balancing
in my surroundings and I‘m sure they‘ve helped me lots. But I would like a better room.
I‘ve printed out more of my fav piccies aswell. Refined my looks a bit. Put things in bags.
There‘s one for my studies ,two for my experiments ,one for survivalist things and then
I also keep lots of things in belts ,straps and pockets. I wish to be able to pick up and go.
Like ,in an instant. The heavy stuffs I‘d leave behind. External hard drives and laptop
along with other electronics would go into anti static bags and into my other baggage.

I'm almost there.

There will be more time to explain better later.

Thank you for reading.

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