Friday, November 11, 2011

The peaceful and private Utopia of my own preference

As of late ,with Christmas fast approaching ,I‘ve been asked; What do you wish for?
Of the things that they‘d be able to give me there are simple yet useful things on my list.
Led lights are always good presents for me. I like them ,especially the smaller neat ones.
Computer enhancing stuffs are also high on my list. Digital pens ,hard disks & cards.
Functional clothing and equips better be there or I might fall victim to the black yule kitty.
Then there be crystals and esoteric items of sorts. They‘re pretty ,mysterious & exciting.

I‘d ask my love interest for different items but currently I don‘t have that connection.

Of the things I wish for which my contacts wouldn‘t be likely to be able to grant me are
many of my ideas which I intend to eventually make into reality ,one way or another.

A special castle with tropical plants and robots in it. And plenty of rooms for the girls.
The robots could do the things that would make the castle completely self-sufficient.
Like water the plants at the right times ,treat injuries ,process the trash and so on.
Everything be well thought out. The bathroom be placed under a crystal pyramid
fountain that be on the entrance floor. Some of the walls in the bathroom be flowing
with clean water and there be saunas and a hot tub. Kitchen would also be sort of
like a bar and open up into a longue. A special room for media experiences be found
in the castle and it ,featuring soundproofings ,could make for some awesome shows.
At the top there be a translucent room for growing foods and a sort of a garden inside of.
Guest rooms ,labs and various rooms for storage and maintenance accesses would also
be in the better places and some be connected to the workshops and outer hallways.
The rest of informations about the castle will be left unmentioned at this time.

I also have other things I wish for and this posting wouldn‘t last me to count them all.
For example my dream car which could potentially go most anywhere I‘d ever like.

Anyways I‘ll post more later ,since its gotten late and I wish to get this posting out nows.

Thank you for reading! ^^

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