Monday, November 7, 2011

Closing in on the final alterations before the last cycle

I discovered a good way for me to make my music in the way I best prefer it now
after having recovered a bit from some monumental shifts of transitions this year.

The blog will now be picking up and will become more active and important as it
progresses with me into the final stages. The new cycle starts 2nd of December.

I will explain later what that means for me ,as it has a very definite meaning.

Right now I‘m seeing great progress with my works. Outside its cold storming.
There is no commitment for me today. That does not mean I wont be friendly ,
or that I intend to give up on them things that I have been working on so far.
What it means is that I‘m just dealing with things as they go with no guarantee.

Robots are coming back into prominence and I‘m studying more into electronics.
Programming ,physics ,maths and chemistry are also high on my list of studies.
These I‘ll have to progress properly in to advance my main perceived goals.

This month has so far indeed been a violently turbulent one in more than one way.

I have made many lists lately. Lists of things I need to take care of ,lists of goals
and lists of things I like. I wish to do things on my own terms most often because
I generally don‘t like unfavorable interferences. But lately there have been many.

The storm is hammering my window and its generally very dark but I‘m content.
Its cozy inside when its like that outside. I‘ve passed the time with puzzles like
Heroes 3 of Might and Magic. The campaigns in it are harder than they look.
I‘ve rested well despite the nonpreferences. Things are getting better for sure.

2012 will be my year. Since the cycle starts in December this year I sort of
look at it as a part of my final year. That‘s right. I‘ll get better into that later.

For now I‘m focusing on fine tuning my preferences and various aspects
thereof ,including how I express myself. My style of writing still displays
some of my eccentricness ,even when typed on a keyboard. But that‘s
just better ,to display the uniqueness of my style. I prefer creating my own
even in writing. Their grammar isn‘t my grammar. Although similar ,its different.
I‘d even make my own alien language but then no one would understand me.
Unless they‘d bother to learn my ways. Its an intricate structure of things.

Technicians are often backstage figures with knowledge of how things operate.

I‘m more semi-inbetween the front and back. I switch in a lot of different things.
What I do or say might not always be understood but it usually brings some
element out which makes thought patterns go into a sort of a dance.

My expressions can often induce some deep thinking or misunderstandings.
I‘m currently working on reducing the misunderstandings to a minimum.

This is one reason why my grammar is so similar to their grammar.
My handwriting has changed a great deal in just a few years time.
I have writings I wrote back in 2003 and compared them with my writings now
and they look very different. My writing now looks much more professional.
Much more orderly. I‘m also studying into Japanese by myself using the net.
Each of those letters have to be written in the right stroke order. Which I do.
I have taken out a book and intend to write each letter out over a whole page
so that I may take in the right stroke order for each one and get better feeling
for each letter. This should help me familiarize myself with them just like I did
with this alphabet. There are also songs for learning with and various programs.

This should also work for me with other languages. Luckily I‘m only interested
in learning two other languages right now. The other‘s I‘m interested in are
similar enough for me to pick up on with what I‘ve already learned very easily.

I‘ve recently written some of my favorite tunes onto audio cd‘s. That way they‘ll
be available for me in remote locations when I‘m travelling with my stereo.

Getting back to the roots is becoming a general theme for me.
I wish to know how things are made and where they come from
instead of just relying on random things I know very little if anything about.

Even the more complex things like computer screens and processor chips.
They‘re amazing and I‘ve realized all the effort that has gone into making them.

Making robots and machines that can make more intricate machines is one way
to accomplish making these things without relying too much on others to do it.

This is one reason why I‘m moving generally more towards the robots now.
I‘ve always been interested in robotics though. I only have  two hands
so why not make more hands which could help me accomplish more?

It makes sense when you think about it.

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