Thursday, October 20, 2011

So I'm back here again.

Lately I've had a great difficulty with connections. I feel out of place a lot and misunderstood.
They watch their tv screens ,consuming whatever the markets offer. They don't really care.
They're ignorant like noobs and as arrogant as snobs. With petty and trivial differences ,
which they make a huge deal out of. They don't appreciate the technology like craftsmen do.
They use it simply because its there ,regardless of where it came from. They abhor the truth.
Most of the structures of society are really corrupt and backwards to what they ought to be.
Currently the mainstream is all about the material goods you have and what you can gain.
It should be more about what you're able to make and share for others. That's what matters.
Quality trumps quantity but in this system you have lots of the things which break down ,
instead of just a few things that last and serve you well. Why are bad things profitable?

I'm still fixing and fine tuning myself. It would be nice to meet someone like me.
Someone who fits me better and understands the state of things in the world.
Who is my soulmate? Are there many soulmates? Would I know it if I met my soulmate?
If you're reading this blog in the month I posted it you are most likely by my better friends.
You're one of the few who have stayed here for me in this time of darkened limitation.
I believe 2012 will be a far better year ,at least for me. When things are darker ,be light.
2011 has been more of a transition ,gathering information and making way for new things.
Blueprints are forming ,I've read more and written more regularly than in previous times ,
without being in any official job or study. And yet ,I receive very little attention if any.
I've highlighted many important things for various groups and yet ,they just pass it by.
They look towards the trivial things instead. Some become more like children in a way
with their name calling ,cursing and putting things in the wrong places ,calling it "right".

Looking for a suitable site didn't work. I have to make my own activity for now it seems.
So I'm back here again. Putting this out like a beacon in the dark to light a certain way.
Comments have been rare so far. Either most are baffled by my postings or they just
don't understand. This is my longest posting on here yet. And what is it about?
Its about how the darkness and the cold have extinguished most of the external flames.
They may still be there ,but they've been put out of reach. Conditions and limitations.
Within there are none. But when the posting is projected outwards its has no guarantee.
It may pass un-noticed by sleeping eyes or be regarded as something other than it is.
Conditions might even block it from the vision like a fog or a passing train of ships.

If you don't have time to read this through completely ,just keep the rest for later.
Recently I've gathered some materials that will help me make more things by myself.
I much prefer making my own style. Anything from my clothes ,to artworks and music.
I've also been getting a lot more organized. The more I know how to do ,the better.
The internet also helps me with getting various informations and instructions.

But I'll have to search around more because cooperation is better in many instances..
Next year will most likely be better in that regard. Keep on the lookout.

Things are more tense now than I've ever noticed before. I'm generally a calm one ,
so I tend to notice when situations and conditions appear which be of importance.
And its like something big is on the horizon nows. There be many hints and feelings.
Eventually these things will become clear and the situations and conditions will
change to something very different. Like a big ticking timebomb going off.
I don't know yet what kinda effects it be heralding. It'll be something worldchanging.

This month has been very stormy. Next month looks to be very stormy-like too.
My last operation this year will be in the beginning of November. I'll be fixed up.

I've kept a diary of every day this year. Most of my days this month have had
short entries as little noteworthy has happened. The gradual changes multiply though.
So I've gotten lots of small things done which amount to bigger things in the long run.
I've changed the layout of my current room at least 3 times this year ,haven't quite
fitted into this place ,feel that the proximity isn't resisted by the building's walls.
That's why I've experimented with making some deflectors of sorts out of wires ,
among other things. It may be silly but to an extent it works. Aluminum is great.

This is about as far as this posting goes for now. Make your own activity and then
search for other's activity. Be the light in the dark ,don't rely too much on others.

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