Monday, June 27, 2011


These are meanings I've gathered for the colors and made sense of ;

Black - Lowest frequency ,not in fact really a color ,more like the number zero.
This (non) color stands for restriction ,limitation ,the unknown and hidden things.

Brown - Very low frequency. It stands for the rough and primitive ,old and weary.
This color is also much like a lower version of the color Red in a sense. Kinda like 0.5

Red - Low frequency. This color represents close things ,private things and grounding.
Agressiveness and activism is surrounding this color. First visible color of the rainbow.

Orange - Medium low frequency. In between Yellow and Red ,the Orange is the extreme.
Its characterized by attention and the subconscious feelings. Like 1.5 on the color scale.

Yellow - Medium frequency. This color stands for communication ,humor and peace.
It also stands for energetic movements and preparedness. It can mean average.

Green - Medium high frequency. Color of growth ,calmness and approval.
Generally positive and is found right in the middle of the scale at a 90 degree angle.

Teal/Cyan - Moderately high frequency. This color stands for teaching and learning.
Its a positive color that can make very good things happen if applied correctly.

Blue - High frequency. It stands for attraction ,expression and the flow between the two.
You can express yourself perfectly when you're aligned with blue. It also attracts more.

Indigo - Higher frequency. This is a very reaching color that can reach great depths.
Its a special color of thoughtfulness and dreamyness. Its kinda inbetween and hard to find.

Purple/Violet - Very high frequency. Its the last visible color of the rainbow. Always is seen
on the inside of the rainbow arch. This color is far reaching. It stands for unique and daring.

Pink - Very very high frequency. It stands for the feminine. Its also a color of openness.
Awareness and playfulness are also linked to this color as is innocence and cuteness.

White - Highest frequency. 100% color. It is often used to represent all or nothing.
It stands for cleanliness and purity and is in fact the source of all other colors.

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