Monday, April 11, 2011

Time Slips

Contrary to what we've been lead to believe ,Time really isn't linear.
Sometimes are fast while other times are slow compared to oneself
Its like a rough landscape ,with certain things likely at certain points.
Bumps are like habits or reinforcements while dents are novelty wells.
Slips in time are sort of like false steps ,you go off your course in time.
Sometimes there are holes in the road. The holes are the time slips.
Examples of this are many. Your clothes change without you noticing ,
people you were sure that were dead might suddenly be alive
or you could suddenly be in what you perceive to be future or past.

Structures might also vanish or change without any explanation.
When you ask about it the answer is almost always the same ;
It has been this way for many years! Where have you been hiding?
But you know that it wasn't that way for you even if only you notice.
You've changed your course in time ,gone off course ,out of place..

Altering ones frequency affects the flow of time. Changing oneself.
By watching the clock one can make it slower. Time is slower near mass.
Its a fact that clocks are generally slower in the basement than in the attic.
There are infinite possible times and spaces. How things could have been.
But it all exists within the now which is forever. The now is within existence.
Time is simply a way to view things as frame by frame. With infinite frames.
Otherwise everything would be visible and everything would seem still.
So it gives us the experience of having one thing happen after another..

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