Sunday, May 1, 2011

When life gives you lemons..

You'd be surprised by all the potential uses for lemons which I've discovered.
Firstly ,as most anyone would have known by now ,they're edible and healthy as such.
Also as a lemonade or as a sweetener for example. But there's plenty more to lemons.
The lemon acid can be used to lighten or whiten hairs and eventually dissolve them.
This acid can also clean most things from clothes by this effect and cure skin ailments.
Lemon bark can be written on or used for various crafting purposes ,often via pressure.
In addition to all of this ,lemons can be easily turned into batteries or even ZPE devices.
ZPE stands for Zero Point Energy. Lemons also make good flavors and perfumes.
Boiling them with sugar can make them into a sugar wax and later into caramels.
They can be made into a good glue. They also provide seeds to make more lemons!

More uses for lemons are most probably out there ,can you find them?

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